64C. Tax collection account number

1[64C. Tax Collection account number.-


Every person required to deduct or collect tax under Chapter VII of the Income Tax Ordinance, 1984 shall be given a tax collection account number by the Board and such person shall fill in the following form and submit the same to the Deputy Commissioner of Taxes who has jurisdiction to assess him:-

Application form for Tax Collection Account Number

Instructions: Use capital letters. Write one letter in each box. Keep an empty box in between two words. Avoid abbreviation as much as possible.

(To be filled in by the collection/deduction authority)

1. Name of the authority/person required to deduct or collect tax under Chapter VII of the Income Tax Ordinance:


2. Date of incorporation/Registration (wherever applicable):

    Day Month Year

3. Address:




Post Code

4. Telephone Number:


5. Fax Number:


6. E-mail address:


7. Tax Prayer’s Identification Number (TIN):


2[8. Nature of Payment (tick whichever is applicable)

  1. Sl. Type of Payment Section of Income Tax Ordinance, 1984 Rule of Income Tax Rules, 1984 Tick here
    1 Salary 50    
    2 Interest of Security 51    
    3 a. Payment to Contractors/Suppliers 52 16  
    b. Indenting Commission 52 17(1)  
    c. Shipping Agency Commission 52 17(2)  
    4 a. Service of Doctor 52A(1)    
    b. Royalty or technical know-how fee 52A(2)    
    c. Fees for professional & technical services 52A(3)    
    5 a. Payment foe Private Security Service 52AA    
      b. Payment to Stevedoring Agencies 52AA    
    6 Collection of tax from brick manufacturers 52F    
    7 L/C Commission 52I    
    8 House/Office Rent 53A 17B  
    9 Collection of tax from shipping business of a resident 53AA    
    10 Receipt from export of manpower 53B 17C  
    11 Collection of tax from export of knitwear and woven garments 53BB    
    12 Collection of tax from Member of Stock Exchanges 53BBB    
    13 Receipt from public auction 53C 17D  
    14 Courier business of a non-resident 53CC    
    15 Payment to actor/actress 53D    
    16 Export cash subsidy 53DD    
    17 Commission, discount of fees 53E    
    18 Payment to Foreign buyer’s agent 53EE    
    19 Interest on savings and fixed deposit 53F    
    20 Collection of tax from persons engaged in real estate or land development business 53FF    
    21 Insurance Commission 53G    
    22 Payment to Surveyor of General Insurance 53GG    
    23 Collection from credit card bill 53GGG    
    24 Collection of tax on transfer or property 53H 17I  
    25 Dividends 54    
    26 Lottery 55    
    27 Payment to Non-resident 56    
  2. Name:……..

    Designation: ………..


(Note; Person to sign the application-

a. in case of individual; by the individual

b. in case of firm; by any of the partners

c. in case of company; by any of the share holder directors

d. in case of local authority; by the Head of Accounts/Finance

e. in case of government: by the officer assigned for the purpose.).

(To be filled in by the concerned circle)

1. Assessment location:

Zone :


Circle :


3[2. Category (Deducting Authority):

Government/Individual Company/Firm/Autonomous/Other

4[3. Concern Ministry (In case of government category):

Name of the Ministry:……………………………………………….

Forwarded directly to the Secretary (Computer), NBR,
Segunbagicha, Dhaka

Signature of the Deputy Commissioner of Taxes SEAL


(To be filled in by the NBR)

Tax Collection Account Number:

  1.       -       -        

Tax Collection Source code:


Signature of the Second Secretary (Computer), NBR SEAL


1.Ins. by এস,আর,,ও নং২১৫-আইন/আয়কর ২০০৪.তাং ১৩-০৭-২০০৪

2.Subs by এস,আর,,ও নং২০৭-আইন/আয়কর ২০০৫.তাং ০৬-০৭-২০০৫ re-subs by এস,আর,,ও নং ১৭৩-আইন/আয়কর ২০০৬.তাং ০৬-০৭-২০০৬

3 Subs. by এস,আর,,ও নং 207-আইন/আয়কর 2005.তাং 06-07-2005

4 Subs. by এস,আর,,ও নং 207-আইন/আয়কর 2005.তাং 06-07-2005


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