17I. Collection of tax on transfer of property

1[17I. Collection of tax on transfer of property.--      

(1)   For the purposes of collection of income tax under section 53H of the Ordinance, the Register,  the  Sub-Registrar  of  any  other  person  responsible  for  registering  any document of a [person], under the provisions of clause (b), (c) or (e) of sub-section (1) of section 17 of the Registration Act, 1908 (XVI of 1908), shall collect from the person whose right, title or interest is sought to be transferred, assigned limited or
extinguished thereby at the time of registration of such document, income tax at the rate of five per cent upto 31 st August, 2009 and two percent from1 st September, 2009  on the value of the property situated in any city Corporation, Paurarashava or Cantonment Board to which the document relates and on which stamp-duty is chargeable under the Stamp Act, 1899 (Act. No. II of 1899):

  Provided that in case of transfer of any non-agriculture land 2 [valued at a some exceeding one lakh taka] situated outside the jurisdiction of any city corporation, Paurarashava or Cantonment Board, income-tax shall be educated at the rate of five per cent upto 31 st August, 2009 and one percent from 1st September, 2009 on the valu of the property to which the document relates.


1 Subs. by S.R.O No. 189-L/IT/2009, dt:01-072009 and Omitted by S.R.O No. 232-L/IT/2011, dt:05-07-2011

2 Omitted by S.R.O No. 262-L/IT/2010, dt:01-07-2010.


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