59B. Form of application of tax exemption for foreign technician

1[59B. Form of application of tax exemption for foreign technician. ---      

(1)   An application under paragraph 15 of Part-A of the Sixth Schedule of the Ordinance for approval for tax exemption for foreign technician shall be made in the following form, in duplicate, duly signed and verified.

Form of application under paragraph 15 of part-A of the Sixth Schedule.

The First Secretary (Approval)
National Board of Revenue
Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh Dhaka.
Under paragraph-15 of part-A of the Sixth Schedule of the Income tax Ordinance, 1984 (XXXVI of 1984) the undertaking _____________ applies for approval of the enclosed service contract with the foreign technician.

The necessary particulars/ information are below :
1. Name of Technician :

2. Nationality :
3. Educational qualification :
4. Designation or post in which he is to be employed in Bangladesh :
5. Details of previous experience (if any) :
6. Date of joining in present service :
7. Exact period of employment   :
8. The actual date of arrival in Bangladesh
      for joining the present post :
9. Period of stay in Bangladesh in the    Year   No. of days previous four years. :

10. Particulars of employer company’s operation :

(a) Name and address of the company :
(b) Nature of business :
(c) Date of incorporation :
(d) Tax payers Identification Number
(TIN) : . . .                             . :
Circle : . . .                             . :
Zone : . . .                            . . :
(e) Date of completion of factory building :
(f) Date of installation of plant and machinery :
(g) Date of electric connection :
(h) Date of trial operation :
(i) Date of commercial operation :
(j) No. of persons employed in the
undertaking. :

Date : . . .                 .                                                  Signature : . . .            .
Name & Designation
of the employer.];


I . . .                                                                                                              . solemnly
declare that the information furnished about me in the above application dated the . . .. . . . . . . . . . for approval of the contract of my service under paragraph 15 of part-A of the Sixth Schedule to the Income Tax Ordinance, 1984 is correct to the best of my knowledge and
belief. I also declare that I am a citizen of . . .                                       .

Date . . .                 .     Signature
Name & Designation
of the technician.
(2) The application shall be accompanied by :---
(a) Copy of work permit of Board of Investment/ Ministry of Home.

(b) Copy of contract of service of the technician.
(c) Copy of memorandum and Articles of Association of the employer’s company. (d) Copy of certificate of incorporation of the employer’s company.
(e) Photocopy of passport with visa.
(f) Evidences of previous experience.
(g) Copy of certificates of academic/ technical qualification.

(3) On receipt of an application under sub-rule (1), the Board may make such inquiries as it
      may consider necessary and may call for such further particulars/ information as it may
      think fit.

(4)  If the Board is satisfied that the technician should be approved for the purposes of
            paragraph 15 of Part-A of the Sixth Schedule, it shall make an order to that effect and
            send a copy thereof to the appliacant.];


1.Ins. by S.R.O. এস,আর,,ও নং২০০-আইন/আয়কর ২০০০.তাং ০৩-০৭-২০০০

2.Subs. by S.R.O. No 200-L/2000,dt.03-07-2000.

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