59A. Form of application to be a company for exemption from tax under section 46A of the Ordinance

1[59A. Form of application to be a company for exemption from tax under section 46B of the Ordinance.---      

[(1)   An application under clause (f) of sub-section (2) of section 46A of the Ordinance for approval for the purposes of that section in respect of an industrial undertaking, tourist industry or physical    infrastructure facility shall be made in the following form, in duplicate, duly signed and verified by the Managing Director or Director of the company, namely :-

Form of Application under section 46A of the Income-tax Ordinance, 1984
                                            (XXXVI of   1984).

(i)   Name of the company :
(ii)   Date of incorporation of the company :
(iii)   Location of its registered office (with full address) :
(iv)   Location of the industrial undertaking/tourist industry/physical infrastructure facility:
(v)   Tax Identification Number (TIN) and name of the Zone of Commissioner of Taxes and the Circle of Deputy Commissioner of Taxes under whose jurisdiction the company is assessed or will be assessed:
(vi)   Date of opening of the letter of credit :

(vii)   Date on which the machinery installed was ready for production/operation/ service
(viii)      Date  or  dates  on  which  the  industrial  undertaking/  tourist  industry/  physical infrastructure facility for which approval is sought stated

(a)    trial production/operation/service :

(b)   commercial production/operation/service :

(ix) Date on which the issued, subscribed and paid up capital of the company reached the figure of take one lakh :
(x) The present paid up capital of the company: (xi) Authorized capital of the company:
(xii)   Amount of share capital issued :
(xiii)       Amount  of  investment  involved  in  setting  up  and  running  the  industrial undertaking/tourist  industry/physical  infrastructure  facility  for  which  approval  is sought :
(xiv)   Minimum number of employees required to be engaged in one shift :
(xv) Whether the industrial undertaking /tourist industry/ physical infrastructure facility uses electric  energy  or  gas  (the  date  on  which  the  electricity  or  gas  connection  was physically given should be mentioned) :
(xvi)    Value Added Tax (VAT) Registration Number/Turn over tax Number:
(xvii)    Exact  nature  of  business  of  the  industrial  undertaking/tourist  industry/  physical infrastructure  facility  and  in  case  of  an  industrial  undertaking,  the  list  of  items manufactured:
(xviii)   Raw materials to be used in the industrial undertaking:
(xix)      Whether any building, plant or machinery has been taken on rent or lease for the industrial undertaking/ tourist industry/physical infrastructure facility: if so, detailed description shall be given:
(xx)     Names and addresses of the Managing Director and Directors of the company with particulars of their holdings and interest in the company and other companies or enterprises :

                                                   Signature of the
Date...                                                                                                                                                    Managing Director/Director.


I,......................................... ..  do  hereby  solemnly  affirm  that  the  information  given
above is correct and complete.

Signature of the
Managing Director/Director.

* Delete whichever is inapplicable.]

(2)   The application shall be accompanied by-

(i)   an attested copy of certificate of incorporation;
(ii)   a certificate of commencement of business ;
(iii) an attested copy of the Memorandum and Articles of Association of the company
(iv) in case the company has already commenced business, certified copy of the audited balance sheet and profit and loss accounts for the period for which the accounts have been prepared  (for an incomplete year trial balance may be submitted) ;
(iv) in case of industrial undertaking/tourist industry/physical infrastructure facility for which approval is sought has been acquired for another party, an attested copy of the agreement between the applicant company and the seller enter into for  the  acquisition  of  the  industrial  undertaking/tourist  industry/physical infrastructure with list and value of assets acquire:

(vi)  a  certificate  to  the  effect  that  the  industrial  undertaking    /tourist  industry/physical  infrastructure  facility  has  not  applied  or  shall  not  apply  for accelerated, depreciation allowance under paragraph  7 or  7A    of the Third Schedule to the Ordinance in the following form, namely :-
"I hereby certify that no application in respect of the industrial undertaking................(name of the undertaking etc.) has  been  made  or  shall  be  made  to  the  Board  for,  and  that  the  said  industrial undertaking/tourist  industry/  physical  infrastructure  facility  has  not  been  allowed, accelerated depreciation allowance under paragraph 7 or 7A of the Third Schedule to the Ordinance for any period.

Place...                        .                        Signature of the


(3) On receipt of an application under sub-rule (1), the Board may make such enquires as it may consider necessary and may call for such further particulars as if may think fit.

(4) If the Board is satisfied that the company setting up the industrial undertaking or the tourist industry or the physical infrastructure facility or the expansion unit thereof is one which should be approved for the purposes of section 46B of the Ordinance, it shall make an order to that effect and send a copy thereof to the company.

(5) where the Board has passed an order in writing refusing to approve the industrial undertaking or the tourist industry or the physical infrastructure facility or the expansion unit thereof for purposes of section 46B of the Ordinance, the person aggrieved by such order may make an application in writing to the Chairman of the Board for review who will either himself review the order or may constitute a committee consisting of three Members of the Board to review the same. The review order shall be passed after giving the applicant an opportunity of being heard and the decision of the review shall be final and conclusive.]Added by S.R.O. No. 232/F.A. 2011/05-07-2011


1.Subs. by S.R.O. No২৩২-আয়কর /২০১১তারখি ০৫/০৭/২০১১

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