37A. Form for publishing list of highest taxpayers

1[37A. Form for publishing list of highest taxpayers.-----     

The Board may, at any time, with the prior consent of the concerned taxpayers, publish a list of highest tax payers in respect of any financial year in the following form :
List of highest taxpayers in respect of financial year ...

a. Individuals
Name and Address of the             Taxpayer's identification number        Amount of Tax
taxpayers.                                    (TIN)                                               paid
1                                                    2                                          3

b. Other than individuals (Companies, firms. etc.)
Name and Address of the       Status   Taxpayer's indentification               Amount of Tax
taxpayers                                           number (TIN)                                paid
1                           2                               3                                       4
Note :
The list may contain any number of taxpayers in either group as the Board may deem fit.]


1.Subs. S.R.O.No.23-L/95,dt. 09-02-1995

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