25A. Statement of individual regarding particulars of life style

1[25A. Statement of individual regarding particulars of life style.-

[The statement required to be furnished under sub-section (2) of section 80 shall be in the following form and verified in the manner indicated therein:

National Board of Revenue                                                                                                                             Form No. IT-10BB



under section 80(2) of the Income tax Ordinance, 1984(XXXVI of 1984)

01 Assessment Year
02 Statement as on (DDMMYYYY)
03 Name of the assessee 04 TIN
Particulars Amount ৳ Comment
05 Expenses for food, clothing and other essentials    
06 Housing expense    
7 Auto and transportation expenses (07A+07B)    
7A Driver’s salary, fuel and maintenance    
7B Other transportation    
8 Household and utility expenses (08A+08B+08C+08D)    
8A Electricity    
8B Gas, water, sewer and garbage    
8C Phone, internet, TV channels subscription    
8D Home-support staff and other expenses    
09 Housing expense/td>    
10 Special expenses(10A+10B+10C+10D)    
10A Festival, party, events and gifts    
10B Domestic and overseas tour, holiday,etc.    
10C Donation, philanthropy, etc.    
10D Other special expenses    
11 Any other expenses    
12 Total expense relating to lifestyle (05+06+07+08+09+10+11)    
13 Payment of tax, charges, etc. (13A+13B)    
13A Payment of tax at source    
13B Payment of tax, surcharge or other amount    
14 Total amount of expense and tax (13+14)    

Verification and signature

   15 Verification
I solemnly declare that to the best of my knowledge and belief the information given in this statement and the schedule annexed herewith are correct and completc.
Name Signature and date.”;


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