17D.Collection of tax on sale prices of goods or property sold by public auction

1[17D.Collection of tax on sale prices of goods or property sold by public auction-
For the purposes of making a collection of tax under section 53C of the Ordinance, every person making sale, by public auction 2[through sealed tender or otherwise], of any goods or property belonging to a person mentioned in that section shall collect before delivering the possession of the goods or the property, as advance tax from the auction purchaser 3[at the rate of 3%] of the sale price 4[

  Provided that the person responsible for auction od tea shall collect, before delivering possession of tea, as advance tax on income from sale price of tea from the auction purchaser, 5[at the rate of one (1%) percent from october 1, 2011.]


1.Rule 17D 17E & 17F ins .by S.R.O. No. 194-/L 88.dt.18-07-1988.

2.Ins. by S.R.O. No. 141-L/96dt.28-07-1996

3.Subs. for "at the reat of 3% by এস,আর,,ও নং১৬০-আইন/আয়কর ২০০৭.তাং ২৮-০৬-২০০৭

Subs. "colon" for "full stop" and ins. new proviso by S.R.O No. 332-L/IT/2011, dt: 27-10-2011

Subs. for "at the reat of zero point five zero (5%)" by S.R.O No. 168-L/IT/2013, dt: 30-07-2013

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