58A. Application for approval of a gratuity fund

1[58A. Application for approval of a gratuity fund.—

(1) The application required to be made under sub-paragraph (1) of paragraph 4 of part C of the First Schedule to the Ordinance for approval of gratuity fund shall contain the following information, namely:-

(a) Name and address of employer, his business or profession and principal place of business;

(b) Classes and number of employees entitled to the benefits of the gratuity fund:-

(i) in Bangladesh;

(ii) outside Bangladesh;

(c) The age of retirement of the employees prescribed in the concerned regulations of the organization;

(d) The minimum period of service prescribed in such regulations as condition of eligibility to receive the gratuity in case of termination of employment;

(e) Place, where the accounts of the gratuity fund are or will be maintained;

(f) If the gratuity fund is already is existence, the details of investment of the fund.

(2) A verification in the following form shall be annexed to the application, namely:-

We/I, the trustees/trustee of the above fund, do declare that what is stated in the application is true to the best of our/my information and belief and that the documents annexed herewith are the original or ture copies thereof.


1 Inserted vide S.R.O. No. 161-L/96, dt: 01-0-1996

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