28. Form of appeal to the Appellate Tribunal

28. Form of appeal to the Appellate Tribunal. --

Form of appeal and verification thereof under section 158(5) shall be as follows:-

Form of appeal to Taxes Appellate Tribunal

In the Taxes Appellate Tribunal, ...
No. .................................. . of                                                                              ..

Appellant.            Vs.      Respondent.
Income Tax *Circle in which assessment was made
and *Range/Zone/in which it is located.    ..
Income year   ..   ..    ..
Assessment year   ..   ..     ..
Section of the Income Tax Ordinance, 1984,
Under which the Deputy Commissioner of
Taxes passed the order  ..  ..
*Inspection Joint Commissioner of Taxes
Passing the order under section 120   ..


*Appellate Joint Commissioner of Taxes
determining the appeal   ..  ..
Date of Communication of the order of the
Deputy Commissioner of Taxes   ..   . .
Inspection Joint Commissioner of Taxes ..
Appellate Joint Commissioner of Taxes ..
Address to which notices may be sent to the
respondent    ..  ..

Claim in appeal     ..  ..



(Appellant/Authorized Representative, if any).


I ........................................ ., the appellant/ authorized representative, do hereby declare
that what is stated above is true to the best of my information and belief.

Verified today, the ..... ...day of

Signature ......................................... .
(Appellant/Authorised Representative).


1.      The memorandum of appeal  (including the grounds of appeal when filed on a
separates paper) must be in   triplicate and shall be accompanied by two copies (at least one of which should be a certified copy) of the   order appealed against and two copies of the order of the Deputy Commissioner of Taxes.

2.     The memorandum of appeal in the case on an appeal by the assessee must be
accompanied by a fee of 1[five hundred] taka. It is suggested that the fee be credited

in  the  Treasury  or  a  branch  of  the  Sonali  Bank  or  the  Bangladesh  Bank  after obtaining  a  challan  from  the  Deputy  Commissioner  of  Taxes  and  the  triplicate portion of the challan sent to the Appellate Tribunal with the memorandum of appeal . The Appellate Tribunal shall      not accept cheques, drafts, hundies or other negotiable instruments.

3.   The memorandum of appeal shall set forth concisely and under district heads, the
      grounds of   appeal   without any argument or narrative and such grounds shall be
      numbered consecutively.
2[(4)  A  copy  of  the  appeal  petition  is  to  be  submitted  to  the  concerned  Deputy commissioner of Taxes]

*Delete whichever is inapplicable.


1.Subs. for "three"by এস,আর,,ও নং২০৭-আইন/আয়কর ২০০৫.তাং ০৬-০৭-২০০৫

2.ns. by এস,আর,,ও নং২১৯-আইন/আয়কর ২০০৩.তাং ১৯-০৭-২০০৩

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