3[64. Application for a certificate for transfer of property.----

1[64. Application for a certificate for transfer of property.----      

The application for a certificate under section 184(1) of the Ordinance shall be made by a transferor in the following form:-
The application for a certificate under section 184(1) of the Income Tax
                                       Ordinance, 1984 (XXXVI of 1984)

The Deputy Commissioner of Taxes

The  undersigned  hereby  applies  for  a  certificate  under  section   184(1)  of  the  Income  Tax
Ordinance,  1984  (XXXVI  of  1984)  and  furnishes  the  following  particulars  in  connection


1.          Name of applicant -----------------------------------
(in block letters)
2.          Name of partners in the case of a firm or co-
owners --------------------------------------------
3.         Full address of the applicant ------------------
4.          Circle/Zone in which the applicant is assessed
of falls to be assessed ---------------
5.          Sources of income ------------------------------
6.          Description and location of the property ----
7.          The  date  of  purchase  of  the  property  by  the
applicant,  give  details (date  of  acquisition  of
land, construction of building)-----------------
8.         The price at which the property was originally
purchased by the applicant and the value of any
investment  in  the  land,  house  or  building
constructed, if any---------
9.          The   name   and   address   of   the   intending
purchaser -----------------------------------------
10.        Consideration for which the property is intended
to be transferred ----------------------

Signature of the applicant

I/We   -----------------------------------------------------------------,  hereby  declare  that  the
information given above is true to the best of my/our knowledge and belief.


Signature of the applicant


1. Omitted by 151-L/95,dt.28-08-1995

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