Income Tax SRO

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SLSRO NoDateDescriptionStatusDownload
342342-AIN/2010/342-IncomeOct 12, 2010Active
289289-AIN/2010/289-IncomeAug 4, 2010Active
266266-AIN/2010/266-IncomeJul 1, 2010Tax payable Moto VehiclesModified
268268-AIN/2010/268-IncomeJul 1, 2010Tax rate on Private University, Medical , Dental and Textile university Active
262262-AIN/2010/262-IncomeJul 1, 2010Amendment of Income Tax Rules1984Active
263263-AIN/2010/263-IncomeJul 1, 2010Fishing farming Active
264264-AIN/2010/264-IncomeJul 1, 2010pelleted poultry feedActive
265265-AIN/2010/265-IncomeJul 1, 2010Garments and net wares Modified
267267-AIN/2010/267-IncomeJul 1, 2010Presumptive Tax Active
269269-AIN/2010/269-IncomeJul 1, 2010Tax Rate on Securities Rejected
270270-AIN/2010/270-IncomeJul 1, 2010Corporate Social responsibility (CSR)Rejected
187187-AIN/2009/187-IncomeJul 2, 2009Tax Rate of IndustryModified
188188-AIN/2009/188-IncomeJul 2, 2009Private Power Generation Modified
172172-AIN/2009/172-IncomeJul 1, 2009Reduction of Tax Return in Various Industries Rejected
189189-AIN/2009/189-IncomeJul 1, 2009Amendment of Income Tax Rates 1984Active
171171-AIN/2009/171-IncomeJun 30, 2009Presumptive TaxModified
173173-AIN/2009/173-IncomeJun 30, 2009Presumptive TaxRejected
203203-AIN/2008/203-IncomeJun 30, 2008Amendment of Income Tax Rules1984Active
204204-AIN/2008/204-IncomeJun 30, 2008Presumptive Tax Rejected
205205-AIN/2008/205-IncomeJun 30, 2008Cancellation of SRO No. 150-Ain/Income Tax/1981, SRO No. 150-Ain/Income Tax/1995, SRO No. 338-Ain/Income Tax/1999and SRO No. 159-Ain/Income Tax/2007Active