Income Tax SRO

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333333-AIN/2011/333-IncomeNov 10, 2011

Exemption of Income from Mutual Fund

276276-AIN/2011/276-IncomeSep 5, 2011Modified SRO NO: 237-L/2011Active
237237-AIN/2011/237-IncomeJul 7, 2011Investment on Share Modified
238238-AIN/2011/238-IncomeJul 7, 2011Amendment of Income Tax Rules-1984Active
239239-AIN/2011/239-IncomeJul 7, 2011Amendment of Income Tax Rules-1984Active
334334-AIN/2011/334-IncomeJul 6, 2011Tax Exemption of Business OrganizationRejected
219219-AIN/2011/219-IncomeJul 5, 2011

Exemption of Income Tax for Industries in EPZs

220220-AIN/2011/220-IncomeJul 5, 2011

Amendment of SRO 206/2008

226226-AIN/2011/226-IncomeJul 5, 2011

Exemption of Income Tax for Prime Minister, All Ministers, Speakers, MPs

227227-AIN/2011/227-IncomeJul 5, 2011

Exemption of Income Tax for The Justices of Supreme Court of Bangladesh

228228-AIN/2011/228-IncomeJul 5, 2011

Exemption for Festival Allowance for Govt Officials

229229-AIN/2011/229-IncomeJul 5, 2011

Tax Rebate for Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR) for Companies

235235-AIN/2011/235-IncomeJul 5, 2011

Amendment of SRO 188/2009

236236-AIN/2012/236-IncomeJul 5, 2011

Reduction of Tax for private power generation companies

222222-AIN/2011/222-IncomeJul 5, 2011Private CarActive
224224-AIN/2011/224-IncomeJul 5, 2011Presumptive Tax Active
225225-AIN/2011/225-IncomeJul 5, 2011Cancellation of 16 (sixteen) SRO Active
221221-AIN/2011/221-IncomeJul 5, 2011Textile tax rate& Amended SRO No. 207-Ain/Income Tax/2008Active
223223-AIN/2011/223-IncomeJul 4, 2011Presumptive Tax Active
341341-AIN/2010/341-IncomeOct 12, 2010Tax Rates of knit wear and woven garments Rejected