Income Tax SRO

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335235-AIN/1976/335-IncomeOct 5, 1976Active
339339-AIN/1976/339-IncomeOct 5, 1976Active
290290-AIN/1976/290-IncomeAug 26, 1976Active
5757-AIN/1976/57-IncomeFeb 10, 1976Exempt from the tax payable so much of the total income of expatriate personal employed by tea Industry and tea brokers ion bd.Active
1818-19-AIN/1976/18-19-IncomeJan 10, 1976Exempt all foreign personal employed in the cholera Research Laboratory, Bd.Under the terms of project between AID of the USA and the Bd.Active
1111-AIN/1976/11-IncomeJan 9, 1976Exempt the expatriate personal of the Australia Philanthropic Organization working at “Charleston Orphanage” at BholaActive
335335-AIN/1975/335-IncomeSep 26, 1975national Board of Revenue is pleased to notify the following effective arrangement to be made by a company for the purpose of the said clause Active
327327-AIN/1975/327-IncomeSep 19, 1975Active
5151-AIN/1975/51-IncomeJan 25, 1975Active
103103-AIN/1975/103-IncomeJan 15, 1975Active