52O. Collection of tax from a foreign technician serving in a diamond cutting industry.-

1[52O.  Collection  of  tax  from  a  foreign  technician  serving  in  a  diamond cutting  industry.- 


The  person  responsible  for  making  any  payment-which constitutes income chargeable under the head ''Salaries'' received by or due to any  person  who  is  neither  a  citizen  of  Bangladesh  nor  was  resident  in Bangladesh in any of the four years immediately preceding the year in which he arrived in Bangladesh, as remuneration for services rendered by him for a period not exceeding three years from the date of his arrival in Bangladesh,during  such  period,  as  a  technician  employed  in  diamond  cutting  industries under a contract of service, shall deduct tax at the rate of  five percent of such
salaries at the time of making payment or giving credit which ever is earlier:

provided that the provisions of this clause shall not be applicable to foreign technicians appointed after June 30.2010.]



1 Ins. by F.A. 2009


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