52D. Deduction at source from interest on saving instruments.-

1[52D. Deduction at source from interest on saving instruments.- 


Notwithstanding anything contained in any other provision of this Ordinance or any other law being in force in respect of exemption from tax on interest of savings instrument purchased by an approved superannuation fund or pension fund or gratuity fund or a recognized provident fund or a working any payment by way of interest on any savings instruments shall, at the time of such payment, deduct income tax at the rate of five percent (5%) on such interest:

Provided that no tax shall be deducted under this section where the cumulative investment at the end of the income year in the pensioners’ savings certificate does exceed five lakh taka:

Provided further that no tax shall be deducted from interest or profit arising from Wage earners development bond, US dollar premium bond, US dollar investment bond, Euro premium bond, Euro investment bond, Pound sterling investment bond, pound sterling investment bond or Pound sterling premium bond.]



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