Income Tax SRO

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SLSRO NoDateDescriptionStatusDownload
1001-AIN/1994/001-IncomeJan 2, 1994Active
3003-AIN/1993/003-IncomeJan 10, 1993Active
3003-AIN/1994/003-IncomeJan 5, 1994Active
6006-AIN/2002/006-IncomeJan 6, 2002Active
8008-AIN/1993/008-IncomeJan 13, 1993Active
10010-AIN/1994/010-IncomeJan 10, 1994Active
1111-AIN/2016/11-IncomeJan 21, 2016প্রধানমন্ত্রী শিক্ষা সহায়তা ট্রাস্ট আয়কর হতে অব্যাহতি প্রদানActive
1111-AIN/1976/11-IncomeJan 9, 1976Exempt the expatriate personal of the Australia Philanthropic Organization working at “Charleston Orphanage” at BholaActive
11011-AIN/1990/011-IncomeJan 14, 1990Active
11011-AIN/1998/011-IncomeJan 15, 1998Active
17017-AIN/1999/017-IncomeFeb 4, 1999Active
1818-19-AIN/1976/18-19-IncomeJan 10, 1976Exempt all foreign personal employed in the cholera Research Laboratory, Bd.Under the terms of project between AID of the USA and the Bd.Active
1919-20-AIN/19/11-IncomeJan 15, 1981Active
2121-AIN/2012/21-IncomeJan 12, 2012Capital Market Investment Modified
21021-AIN/2003/021-IncomeJan 7, 2003Active
2222-AIN/1981/22-IncomeJan 21, 1981Active
22022-AIN/2001/022-IncomeFeb 4, 2001Active
23023-AIN/1995/023-IncomeFeb 9, 1995Active
2727-AIN/1978/27-IncomeFeb 9, 1978Govt. is pleased to make the following amendment in the ministry of finance Notification No. SRO 417A-L/76 dated the 29th November 1976 Active
2828-AIN/1981/28-IncomeJan 23, 1981Active