75AA. Audit of the return of withholding tax.-

1[75AA. Audit of the return of withholding tax.-

(1) The Deputy Commissioner of Taxes, with the approval of the Board, shall select number of returns of withholding tax filed under section 75A for audit.

(2) The Deputy Commissioner of Taxes shall conduct the audit of the selected return in respect of the following matters-

(a) whether the tax has been deducted or collected at the rate, in the amount and in the manner as provided in Chapter VII of this Ordinance and the rules made there under;
(b) whether the tax collected or deducted has been paid to the credit of the Government, or has been paid in accordance with the manner and within the time as prescribed;
(c) whether the certificate of tax deduction or collection has been furnished in accordance with the provisions of this Ordinance.

(3) Where an audit under sub-section(2) results in findings that the provisions of this Ordinance in respect of the matters mentioned in clauses (a),(b)or (c) of sub-section(2)have not complied with, the Deputy Commissioner of Taxes conducting the audit may take necessary actions under this Ordinance, including the actions under sections 57,57A and 124.

(4) No return shall be selected for audit after the expiry of four years from the end of the year in which the return was filed.]


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