71A. Power to write off Government dues.

71A. Power  to  write  off  Government  dues.-  In  the  case  of  insolvency  of  a  person  or dissolution of an organization or for any other reasons, it is certain that value added tax or,  where  applicable, value added tax and supplementary duty imposed or monetary penalty  charged or any amount of money demanded under any undertaking or other document  executed  under this Act or the rules made thereunder cannot be recovered under section 56 of this Act, the Government may, write off such dues:

Provided that whatever be there in the provisions of other Acts, following writing off of government  dues,  if  it  is  proved  that  any  property  of  the  responsible  person  or establishment has been arisen anew, or previously with the view to be immune from

government dues, the concerned  person or establishment has become bankrupt with unfair objective of handing over their own properties to other persons or establishments; then there will be priority upon those properties to realize government arrear and that will be realized in the manner as if all responsibility of paying government arrear has been fallen upon the person  having the newly arisen property or receiver of property with dishonest desire.

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