186. Repeal and savings.-


186. Repeal and savings.-  (1) The Income-tax Act,1922 (XI of 1922) is hereby repealed.

(2) Notwithstanding the repeal, the Income tax Act,1922 (XI of 1922), and the rules  made  thereunder,  shall  continue  to  apply,  as  if  that  Act  had  not  been repealed,-

(a)  to  any  income  of,  or  relatable  to,  any  period  prior  to  the commencement of this Ordinance; and
(b)  to  any  notice  issued,  or  any  assessment,  order,  application  or appeal  made,  any  proceedings  commenced  or  any  prosecution instituted, under that Act.

(3) Save as provided in sub-section (2), the repeal under sub-section (1) and enactment  of  this  Ordinance  shall,  for  the  purposes  of  the  General  Clauses Act,1897  (X  of  1897),  be  deemed  to  be  repeal  and  re-enactment  of  the Income-tax Act,1922 (XI of 1922).


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