145. Relief in respect of income arising outside Bangladesh.-

145.  Relief  in  respect  of  income  arising  outside  Bangladesh.-

If  any  person who  is  resident  in  Bangladesh  in  any  year  proves  to  the  satisfaction  of  the Deputy  Commissioner  of  Taxes  that,  in  respect  of  any  income  which  has accrued or arisen to him during that year outside Bangladesh, he has paid tax, by deduction or otherwise, in any country with which there is no reciprocal agreement  for  relief  or  avoidance  of  double  taxation,  the  Deputy Commissioner of Taxes may, subject to such rules as the Board may make in this behalf, deduct from the tax payable by him under this Ordinance a sum equal to the tax calculated on such doubly taxed income at the average rate of

tax of Bangladesh or the average rate of tax of the sai d country, whichever is the lower.

Explanation.-The expression "average rate of tax" means the rate arrived at by dividing the amount of tax calculated on the total income by such income.



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