96. Persons to be treated as agent.-

96. Persons to be treated as agent.- 

(1) For the purposes of this Ordinance, the following persons shall, subject to the provisions of sub-sections (2) and (3), be treated as agent in relation to a non-resident, namely:-

(a) any person in Bangladesh-

(i) who is employed by, or on behalf of, the non-resident;
(ii) who has any business connection with the non-resident;
(iii)  who  holds,  or  controls  the  receipt  or  disposal  of,  any money belonging to the non-resident;
(iv) who is a trustee of the non-resident ; or
(v)  from  or  through  whom  the  non-resident  is  in  receipt  of any income, whether directly or indirectly ;

(b) any person, whether a resident or non-resident, who has acquired, by  means  of  transfer,  a  capital  asset  in  Bangladesh  from  a  person residing outside Bangladesh ; and
(c)  any  person  who,  for  any  other  reasonable  cause,  is  declared  or treated as an agent of the non-resident.


(2) An independent broker in Bangladesh, who in respect of any transaction, does not deal directly with, or on behalf of, a non-resident principal but deals with,  or  through,  a  non-resident  broker,  shall  not  be  treated  as  an  agent  in relation to a non-resident in respect of such transaction if-

(a)  the  transaction  is  carried  on  in  the  ordinary  course  of  business through the non-resident broker; and
(b)  the  non-resident  broker  is  carrying  on  such  transaction  in  the ordinary course of business.

(3)  No  person  shall  be  treated  under  this  Ordinance  as  an  agent  in relation  to  a  non-resident  unless  he  has  been  given  by  the  Deputy Commissioner of Taxes an opportunity of being heard.


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