34. Deductions from income from other sources.-

34. Deductions from income from other sources.-

(1) The amount of interest paid in respect of money borrowed for the purpose of acquisition of shares of a company.

(2) Any expenditure, not being in the nature of capital expenditure or personal expenses of the assessee, incurred solely for the purpose of making or earning the relevant income.

(3) Where the income is derived from letting on hire of machinery, plant or furniture belonging to the assessee and also of building belonging to him if the letting of the building is inseparable from the letting of such machinery, plant or furniture, the same allowances as are admissible under section 29(1) (vi), (vii) and (xi) to an assessee in respect of income under the head "Income from business or profession" subject to the same conditions and limitations as if the income from such letting on hire were income from business or profession:

Provided that the provisions of section 19(16) shall also be applicable for the determination of any profits where the sale proceeds of such machinery, plant, furniture or building exceeds the written down value thereof.

(4) Notwithstanding anything contained in this section, no allowance shall be made on account of-

(a) any interest chargeable under this Ordinance which is payable outside Bangladesh on which tax has not been paid and from which tax has not been deducted at source under section 56; or

(b) any payment which is chargeable under the head "Salaries" if tax has not been paid thereon or deducted there from under section 50.

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