152R. Post verification of the agreement.-

152R.  Post  verification  of  the  agreement.- 

(1)  The  Board  may  monitor  the progress  of  disposal  of  the  application  for  ADR  in  the  manner  as  may  be

prescribed and ensure necessary support and coordination services.

(2)  Copies  of  all  agreement  or  matter  of  disagreement  shall  be  sent  by  the Facilitator  to  the  respective  Commissioner  and  Board  for  verification  and ascertainment of whether the agreement is legally and factually correct.

(3)  After  receiving  the  copy  of  agreement  or  matter  of  disagreement,  if  it appears  to  the  Board  that  the  alleged  agreement  is  obtained  by  fraud, misrepresentation or concealment of fact causing loss of revenue, then such agreement shall be treated as  void and the matter shall be communicated to the concerned authorities, Tribunal or court for taking necessary action.


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