16CCC. Charge of minimum tax.-

1[16CCC. Charge of minimum tax.-

Notwithstanding anything contained in any other provisions of this Ordinance, [every firm having gross receipts of more than taka fifty lakh or every company]Subs F. A. 2013 shall, irrespective of its profits or loss in an assessment year for any reason whatsoever, including the sustaining of a loss,
the setting off of a loss of earlier year or years or the claiming of allowances or deductions (including depreciation) allowed under this Ordinance, be liable to pay minimum tax at the rate of 3[zero point three zero (0.30%)] per cent of the amount 4[representing such firm’s or company’s] gross receipts from all sources for that year.

Explanation: For the purposes of this section, ‘gross receipts’ means-

(a) all receipts derived from the sale of goods;

(b) all fees or charges for rendering services or giving benefits including commissions or discounts;

(c) all receipts derived from any heads of income 5[:

[Provided that such rate of tax shall be zero point one zero per cent(0.10%) of such receipts for an industrial undertaking engaged in manufacturing of goods for the first three income years since commencement of its commercial production.] Added F. A. 2015.


1 Ins. by. F.A. 2013

2 Subs. for "every company" by F.A. 2013

3 I Subs for "Zero point five zero (0.50%)" by F.A. 2014

4 I Subs. for "representing such company's" by F.A. 2013

5 I Subs. "Colon" for "full stop" and ins. new proviso by F. A. 2015

6 Deleted F. A. 2016

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