12. Exercise of power of the Tribunal by Benches.-

12. Exercise of power of the Tribunal by Benches.- 

(1) Unless the president in any  particular  case  or  class  of  cases  otherwise  directs,  the  powers  and functions  of  the  Appellate  Tribunal  shall  be  exercised  by  Benches  of  the Appellate Tribunal, hereinafter referred to as Bench, to be constituted by the President.
(2)  A  Bench  shall  be  so  constituted  that  it  has  not  less  than  two  members
1[and that there is equality in number of judicial members and accountant members:]
2[provided that in a Bench of which the president himself is a member he shall be deemed to be a judicial member.]


  1.Omitted by. F.A. 2002                                                                                                                  

  2. Omitted by. F.A. 2001

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