Mohd. Mazibar Rahman

Mohd. Mazibar Rahman


Mr. Mohd. Mazibar Rahman is one of those a few businessman-entrepreneurs who dedicated themselves after independence for economic restoration of war devastated Bangladesh. Mohd.Mazibar Rahman Chairman of renowned industrial empire BRB Group established ‘BRB Cable Industries’ in Kushtia’s BSCIC Industrial Town  not only for his own fortune build-up but also in the endeavor for emancipation of country’s people from the curse of unemployment and poverty in the year 1978. In the year 1980 BRB Cable Industries went into electric cable production, by virtue of his hard labor, devotion, and skilled management. Beginning from that day till today, due to successive excellence of qualitative standard, besides establishing in the soil of the land, BRB received wide acceptability in the international market also. Due to marketing at the end of examinations and testing at most modern laboratory, electric cables manufactured under skilled technological management with most modern machinery and computerized process received 10th American prize ‘The Arch of Europe ISO 9002’certificate in the international market. Later received ISO certificate ‘ISO 9001:2000 charter.’ At the domestic level he received National Export Trophy Gold Medal, more than one Gold Medal including International Export Trophy and charters. Mr. Mohd. Mazibar Rahman did not only stop with BRB Cable Industries. By blending tireless labor, continued effort, perseverance, honesty slowly step by step he built up his own business world, many organizations including—Kiyam Metal Industries Ltd. MRS Industries Ltd., BRB Polymer Ltd., Lovely Housing Ltd., At different times foreign industrial entrepreneurs and foreign diplomats came and looked over BRB’s factories. By participation in various international fairs, BRB produced goods were able to attract notice of foreign buyers. This entrepreneur is having significant role in social service also. Kiyam Seratunnesa Trust set up in the name of his parents, is continuing various service oriented activities in the areas of Medicare of distressed patients, aid of flood affected people, marriage of poor girls, education expenses of poor and meritorious students, development of religious institutions, orphanages, running of schools, constructions of mosques and madrashas. Considering Alhaj Mohd. Mazibar Rahman’s uncommon contributions Arthokatha’s wise Board of Juries nominated him as the best entrepreneur personality of the year 2004,best cable industry entrepreneur of the year 2005 and best personality of the year 2006.

Courtesy: Aurthokatha

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